The power supply for the robot is an ongoing issue. The Initio Robot comes with a battery pack for 6 aa batteries. The PirCon controller uses this +- 7 volts to power the motors It also supplies the 5volts that the raspberry Pi runs on.

So the problem with this set up was that the robot only had about 2 hours standby time. For the core intended use for the Robot this was not acceptable. Ideally I would like the Robot to be on all of the time so that if I ever want to log on and take a look around the house I could.

So After some research I decided to buy a Pi model A which uses less power than the B. So now the Pi model A is the stand by PI. Its sole purpose is to listen to the internet for a connection call from the website. When it gets the order it Switches on the power to the Pi model B.

The whole system is set up to shut itself back down to standby mode if there is no connection from the website for a period of time.

With this configuration I now have about two days Standby time!

Although this is a massive improvement I would like the robot to be on standby indefinitely. I havent Quite figured this one out yet. Maybe some kind of docking station perhaps?